Civil Solutions Assists Sussex County, NJ with Mapping Sight Triangle Easements Using the ArcGIS Platform

The Sussex County, New Jersey, Engineering Division manages one of the County’s most publicly visible and utilized assets on a daily basis, county-owned roads and bridges.  During the course of normal operations, the County obtains parcels or a portion of parcels (easements) for safety or transportation related activities.  There are hundreds of these type of easements which contain valuable information as part of Engineering’s daily workflow.

The County has been maintaining these assets through different methods, making it difficult to identify and utilizes the information.  The County Engineering Division requested the assistance of Civil Solutions to develop a workflow to better manage and access this data in an easy-to-use uniform method.  In addition, the data is available to field crews assisting the crews with inspections and maintenance activities related to the easement.

This workflow established a pattern for managing data and documents pertaining to spatial locations which can be easily extended to other County Departments.

Site triangle easements are deeded easements with metes and bounds descriptions and filed at the County Clerk’s Office.  Civil Solutions deployed an improved workflow for managing these easements by deploying the ArcGIS Parcel Drafter Solution.  This allows Engineering staff to create GIS polygon data depicting the area of easements via the metes and bounds descriptions within the deed of easement.

ArcGIS Parcel Drafter is a web-based solution allows the user to create polygon land record related data by entering metes-and-bounds descriptions.

As part of the workflow improvement, Civil Solutions worked  with the Engineering staff to develop a data schema for the easement feature class.  This schema contains the attribute information required by the County along with keywords required to retrieve any easement documents that may be in the County’s OnBase EDMS system.

About Civil Solutions

Civil Solutions is ARH’s geospatial technology services division.  Civil Solutions offers a technical staff with expertise spanning over fifty (50) years of project-related insights.  Civil Solutions is an Esri Silver Partner and has provided guidance to many organizations seeking GIS related solutions.


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